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Abstract Fedora


Our experienced artisans meticulously handcraft each hat, making it a one-ok-a-kind creation. Leah adds the hand embroidery and trim, ensuring that each piece is of the highest quality. The intricate details and distinctive design of Abstract Fedora make it an authentic piece of art.

The Abstract Fedora is available in medium (56cm) and large (58cm) sizes, making it a perfect fit for anyone. The adjustable inner cotton sweatband guarantees a comfortable fit, making it an ideal everyday accessory. Its 3 3/4" medium-stiff brim and 4 1/4" crown height make it a versatile addition to any outfit.

Although each handmade hat is unique and may have slight variations in size and color, we ensure that each one is ethically crafted and responsibly sourced. Take the chance to own a wearable work of art. Order your Abstract Fedora today!