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After settling into the new year and the unseasonably stormy weather this winter, we’re looking ahead to making intentional, beautiful updates at home for sunnier (dare we say, happier) signs of spring. Our handcrafted straw baskets serve many purposes which is why we are consistently reaching for them whether we acquire a new indoor house plant, or harvest lemons from our resident fruit tree. Not only are the storage baskets beautifully designed with minimalist, coastal inspiration, but they’re also carefully woven by artisans who’ve passed down this intricate technique for generations. We couldn’t think of something more special to be at the center of our tables, or tucked into a sweet corner of our home. 

The Leah Magnolia straw market basket styled in a boho modern bathroom makeover by @blakely_payne.

product: Magnolia straw market tote | image: @blakely_payne 

We’ve found that one of the easiest ways to update a dining table or kitchen countertop is with a round straw basket - it always pairs well with a produce haul from the farmer’s market. Using in-season produce like lemons and limes, pears, a bunch of bananas, and our favorites - artichokes or avocados, are a fun way to incorporate organic colors to brighten your space. We even love the idea of arranging all three basket sizes together over a linen or neutral color tone table runner, as a chic way to display and store those fruits and veggies. Depending on your home décor aesthetic, both of our round basket styles are sophisticated options. The Torrey basket gives a minimalistic and modern look with a more luxe double weave and colorblock detail, while the San Juan basket is earthy and warm featuring 100% genuine leather handles to add a touch of west coast boho to your space.

All three sizes of the round Torrey as a decorative fruit basket for springtime produce.

product: torrey basket

 Our larger straw storage baskets - Cardiff and Baja styles, available in three different sizes - were made for form and function with endless styling options. In the winter, we were stuffing cozy blankets and holiday trees in them, but springtime vibes call for lightweight throws and all of the greenery. These straw baskets work well in unexpected places like an office for storing supplies, or in a playroom so each stuffy has a ‘home.’ One of our most popular ways to style this sustainable home accessory is as an indoor plant basket. Pro tip: add a few blocks to the base of the basket and add the plant on top for added height and dimension.  

The sustainable Baja basket styled at California interior designer, @solsticeinteriors, office.

product: baja basket | image: @solsticeinteriors

Part of our original collection when the Leah brand was first established in 2018, the Magnolia and Mercado straw market baskets were designed for more than a trip to the beach. Too chic to sit in a closet during the spring and summer months, they’re a functional conversation piece too - put them to work as part of your entryway display or in a primary bedroom. Some of the items we’d store in our market baskets when they’re not over our shoulder, but instead sitting pretty as both storage and décor: catalogs, magazines, school work, beach towels, a kindle or your favorite hardcover reads. 

When the Spring season rolls around, do you feel the natural pull to refresh your home? What are some of your favorite ways to make small updates for each season? Tag us in your photos on Instagram, follow us on Pinterest for more spring home décor inspiration, or leave a comment below! 

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