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Hat Sizing


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Every single one of our straw hats is uniquely made, just like the people who wear them - which is why we wanted to share our hat size measurement chart and tips for measuring your own head in order to find the best fitting hat. The easiest way to do this is to find a soft, or flexible tape measure and start about a fingernail’s length above your eyebrows, in the middle of your forehead, and wrap the tape around the back of your head until it meets the other side of the tape on your forehead. Another way to measure your head is by using a ribbon, or a piece of string, and following the same method mentioned above, then taking that piece of string and measuring it with a ruler or standard tape measure. Once you have your head circumference measured in centimeters, you can reference our straw hat size chart to determine which size hat would work best for you. While we’ve done significant testing and research to determine the most common hat sizes for women, not every hat is one size fits all. 



For more information on our hat sizing you can read here.

Leah California straw and wool hat size chart