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Most people would say that California doesn’t have real seasons - the leaves on the palm trees don’t change colors, and especially here in San Diego, we have never experienced a snow storm (unless you live at the top of Mt. Laguna or in the charming small town of Julian). While all of that may be true, there are still subtle shifts in the weather and therefore our wardrobes from season to season. From September through October we’ll experience some of the best weather all year, warm days with cooler temps. in the evening. Something we’ve come the most accustomed to is the art of slow transitional styling and layering. 

One of our favorite ways to transition to fall outfits, while the weather is still warm, is to toss on a palm straw hat. The lightweight structure and design keeps you shaded and cool, while the neutral tones pair well with any outfit - a casual jean jacket over a sundress, or a linen set. Using one of our interchangeable leather hatbands is another easy and affordable way to add new personality to your look for fall.
Moonlight Straw Cowboy hat and round straw crossbody bag by Leah
The San Cristobal straw fedora, the Vagabond gambler, and the Bo rancher are the most popular straw hat styles to wear year ‘round. 
When making updates to our wardrobe for fall, we also keep sustainability top of mind as we prefer to invest in classic, neutral accessories that can be reworn over and over again. When Leah designed her latest collection of straw totes and crossbody bags, she wanted each piece to feel special enough to “go with anything” in your closet. The genuine leather strap detailing in the Maren crossbody bag and the black organic dye colorblock on the Bree tote make them some of our top picks for summer to fall style, as well as any of our popular straw basket bags
Bree Straw Tote bag by Leah with Bo Straw Rancher Fedora 
What are some of your favorite ways to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall when the weather isn’t cold enough for wool felt hats and leather jackets? Leave a comment below, chat with us on Instagram @Leah_California, or email us at for any product related questions. If you’re interested in figuring out the best hat size for you, make sure to check out our previous journal entry that includes our hat sizing guide. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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  • So ready for fall! Love these looks 🫶🏽


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