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Over the last couple of years our homes have become our sanctuaries. I know I have spent more time studying my walls and dreaming up DIY projects than I care to mention - many of which remain untouched. As I’ve “slowed down” (though seems impossible at times as a small business owner), I realized the importance of living a more intentional lifestyle and finding ways to incorporate that into my home. 

Living in California, it’s become second nature to carry a reusable bag or one of my straw market totes to the store, compost leftovers where I can, and keep impulse purchases to a minimum (#buylesschoosewell). When designing my most recent home décor collection, I drew inspiration from minimalist aesthetics and sought to combine this style with functional design elements. I wanted my customers to be able to use these decorative storage baskets over and over again, no matter the season we’re in. Sustainably crafted using the finest, locally sourced materials, the baskets are durable enough to last for years to come while proving to be one of the most versatile décor pieces in a living space. As I sit typing this from my kitchen table, I look up and count nine Leah baskets just in my open living/dining room! I’m currently using two Baja baskets and two Cardiff baskets as plant holders, two Torrey circle baskets as centerpiece fruit bowls, a small San Juan basket as a catchall, the largest San Juan straw basket as a storage spot for dog toys, and another Torrey circle basket has books and magazines in it by the couch for easy reading. 

Finding ways to add sustainable décor elements to your space is actually more attainable than you think - check hangtags and labels when shopping to see where products were made and see if responsibly sourced materials were used. You can usually find the best curated selections of handmade and sustainably made home goods by shopping small at local boutiques and markets. Email us at if you’re interested in finding a stockist in your area, our straw baskets, bags, and hats are in dozens of boutiques across the country. 

What are some ways you lead a more ‘green’ lifestyle? Have you changed any of your habits over the last year and a half? Has working from home made you more/less conscious about sustainable living? Leave us a comment below, would love to hear your experiences. 



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