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Bria Robles, founder and designer of Räys by the Ocean | Santa Barbara, California


Bria Robles is making waves in the slow fashion movement with her emerging brand, Räys by the Ocean - a beautiful collection of small batch clothing, crafted from natural materials with Mother Earth in mind. As a busy mom, wife, and business owner, she makes ‘slow’ living a priority - with mindfulness and grace at the core of her secret to balancing a full lifestyle - while doing so beautifully in Santa Barbara. We recently collaborated with Bria on Instagram and look forward to following along with her inspiring bohemian coastal aesthetic, content, slow living recs. and more from her clothing line, Räys by the Ocean. Here is a peek into our recent interview with her!

Leah: Living in Santa Barbara must be a dream! Have you always lived there? What is your favorite part about living in a beautiful coastal town?
Bria: No, I’m from Maryland. But I moved to Santa Barbara when I was 18 and I’ve been here for 10 years now. I just love living in a small beach town. SB has so much to offer - nature (hiking trails), beach, wineries, amazing eateries and good fashion stores!

Leah: Following up on the previous question - where would you recommend we must-stop if we only had one day to spend in SB? 
Bria: I would recommend going to The Boat House for brunch, rent a bike and bike to the rose garden and have a picnic and maybe end the day in Summerland (go to the beach), Field and Fork, and Summerland Winery.
Leah: What inspired you to create a sustainable clothing line?
Bria: I’ve always loved supporting slow fashion brands. I care about our environment and believe fashion shouldn’t cost us our earth. 

Leah: What is the best part about designing your own collection? What does the future look like for Räys by the Ocean?
Bria: I love being creative and buying + sourcing everything for my store. I think I would love to expand into home decor and baby + toddler.

    Räys by the Ocean founder and designer, Bria Robles, wearing her Monstera Dreams sarong, the Leah Bo Rancher palm straw hat and Luna straw tote bag

    Bria Robles, founder and designer of Räys by the Ocean | Santa Barbara, California

    Leah: As a mom to two daughters, what are your tips for balancing motherhood and owning a business? 

    Bria: I think it’s important to give yourself grace. Raising + staying home with my two daughters is a dream come true and I’m lucky to WFH + create time for photoshoots, post on Instagram and have support from my sweet husband to ship out orders. I think having support [is important].

    Leah: We love following along with you on social make every beach outing, coffee run and everything in between look chic and effortless! How would you describe your style?

    Bria: That’s so sweet! Thank you, I would describe my style as bohemian, effortless.

    Leah: Speaking of social media...we've noticed you share a lot of intentional quotes and short posts around mindfulness - do you have any good podcasts, books, or other recommendations as your source of inspo.?

    Bria: It’s important to me to live a slow inspired lifestyle. Creating a conscious, staying present and living with intention/ self awareness. I learned over the years that our society loves to normalize the “hustle” culture and I just think it’s important to slow down and just enjoy where you are now and soak it up. My favorite book is: Wherever You Go, There You Are, by Jon Kabat-Zinn, and currently listening to the slow home podcast by Brooke Mcalary. This podcast expresses how to live slowly in a fast paced world. I also have been loving Melissa Wood meditations and taking sound healing + yoga classes to keep me feeling grounded.

    Anyone else ready to hop in the car and road trip up to Santa Barabara? We’re looking forward to checking out some of Bria’s great mindfulness recs. along the way! To learn more about Bria Robles’ slow fashion brand, visit her Räys by the Ocean website and on Instagram at: @RaysBytheOcean. For motherhood and Santa Barbara lifestyle inspo. make sure to follow Bria’s personal style account: @BriaTaylorRobles.


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