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Finding new ways to wear our favorite pieces over and over again has always been a challenge we’re happy to accept. When designing the new premium tripilla straw hat collection, Leah sought to create classic shapes that could stand the test of time in your closet (or on a hat wall). Our straw hats are investment pieces, artfully handcrafted by artisans in Mexico - in an ethical trade environment - and while we think every day should be a hat day, we like to regularly switch up our looks including how we style our hats. One really easy way we love to do this is with our genuine leather hatbands - available in three colors, and two sizes. The Leah leather hat bands are removable, handmade using sustainable materials and an organic vegetable dye process to achieve the coloration. By swapping out the original hatband with a different color, it will look like a brand new hat - trust us.

Penny tote and Soleil straw fedora by Leah


For a more personal touch, take a look around your room - in your closet or jewelry chest and see if there’s something that catches your eye to try tying around the crown of your hat. These are some of our favorite looks to experiment with: silk scarves, a jeweled headpiece, ribbon or fabric in a fun print or design. Maybe you are even able to source something extra meaningful from an old wedding dress or a loved one’s signature clothing item. You can also layer a few pieces for a truly unique look, guaranteed to turn heads in all the right ways. If you’re feeling up for a DIY, you can also create your own hatband after a quick trip to the local craft or bead store. Similar to making a necklace, you could measure string or yarn to fit your hat, then assemble a pattern of beads together - like jewelry for your hat. 

Genuine leather hat bands by Leah

How would you style your Leah hat? With a traditional leather hatband or a more personalized look? We also think pairing a Leah hat with a custom hatband you’ve created would make a thoughtful gift for someone. Leave a comment below on your styling ideas and tag us on social media @Leah_California with some of your inspirations. For any questions you can also email us directly at


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  • Love all the suggestions how to make it especially unique to you.

    Keep up the good work!

    Karen DeFilippo

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