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How do I care for my caftan or cover-up?
Your cover-up or caftan will last you a long time if properly looked after. We suggest all of our cover-ups and caftans be hand washed or on delicate wash cycle, no bleach, line dry and low iron.

How does your sizing work?
We currently offer three size ranges. Small will fit (14/16/18), Medium will fit (18/20/22), and OS will fit (14-22). If you are in between sizes, we suggest ordering the next size up. Our cover-ups and caftans are meant to have an oversized fit.

What materials do you use for your cover-ups and caftans?
Cotton and viscose are the primary materials we use. Cotton is a natural fiber, and we use a lightweight crinkle cotton gauze on our cover-ups. They are breathable and soft, and they will keep you cool and comfortable throughout the warm summer days.

Viscose is a type of rayon. It's a semi-synthetic material. Our viscose caftans are perfect for warm weather getaways because viscose is a lightweight and breathable material that doesn't trap body heat. And viscose drapes beautifully over the body. Our materials are pre-shrunk; however, if washing instructions are not followed, they can shrink.

Can I only wear my caftan or cover-up to the pool or beach?
NO! All of our cover-ups and caftans are multifunctional pieces. You can read our previous journal post on how to style your cover-up or caftan to take you from day to night and anywhere in between.

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