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The perfect gift for her exists - unique, handcrafted accessories and décor that also supports global artisans.

There’s always someone on my list each year that is a bit more challenging to shop for - she either ‘has everything’ or she’s incredibly selective and you’re often left wondering, “did I miss the mark?” It’s become sort of a competition to figure out how I’ll outdo myself or think of something even more creative than the last holiday, but what I’ve found is that the gifts that bring the most joy are the ones that are meaningful, thoughtful, and unique. I do this by taking the time to shop small, local, and find special brands that offer more than just mass produced products. While I continue to support local businesses each year whether it be a gift card to a café or a fresh floral wreath, I’ve also found that gifting something that has been handcrafted by artisans leaves you feeling like not only you’ve sourced a one of a kind gift, but also you’re supporting generations of traditional artistry in an eco friendly way. At LEAH, it’s always been part of our mission to offer our customers a curated selection of sustainable accessories for you and your home that embody all of the makings of a great gift. 


This year also marks our second sustainable home décor launch, with a collection of responsibly sourced accessories that look great in everyone’s home, from the bohemian style lovers, to the ones who covet minimalist design. Here are a few ideas to hopefully make your holiday shopping a little easier - whether it’s for your hard to please mother in law, best friend across the country, or your child’s teacher, we know she will love it, you can thank us later!

The Del Sol hanging wall basket’s unique design makes it an unexpected statement piece to add to a gallery wall or an entryway. This handwoven basket looks great on its own, or to add interest you could style it with seasonal floral stems, an air plant, or even as a holder for your holiday letters. 

Del sol straw hanging wall basket displayed on a hat wall at home.

Del Sol Hanging Basket | $60

My best friend is notoriously not a very tidy person - she would absolutely admit this to anyone. I had her in mind when I was planning the new basket collection...I knew I had to include a straw basket with a lid. The Cortez lidded basket is the perfect hiding spot for clutter or personal items. 

The Cortez lidded straw basket keeps items in place and covered.

Cortez Lidded Basket | $67

It’s safe to say many of us are traveling again or planning to. My sister has already booked her Spring Break vacation and another one after that - somewhere warm and guaranteed to be sunny. I am planning on gifting her the San Cristobal straw fedora because it seriously looks good on everyone. It’s one of our bestsellers for a reason and I know she will need it on her upcoming trips!

The San Cristobal straw fedora is a unisex palm straw hat style that is universally flattering and sustainably made.

San Cristobal Straw Fedora | $40

Our Baja straw baskets come in three different sizes, and they really shine as indoor plant holders. You can make this gift more personal by adding a plant to the basket depending on her personality type - low maintenance… opt for a snake plant, big plant lover… try a show stopping Monstera. You could even consider a faux plant for the friend that’s always on the go or can’t manage to keep a succulent alive. 

Gift a plant lover our Baja straw storage basket - the perfect indoor plant holder, sustainably crafted by hand.

Baja Straw Storage Basket | $45-$66

I have a confession to make…I love farmer’s markets, always have, and will be a regular customer at my local one and when I’m visiting a new town. The first bag I grab when I’m headed out the door to the market or a day at the beach is our Magnolia straw market tote bag because of its classic shape, and lightweight design. Your friend that loves farmer’s markets too needs this basket bag. 

The Magnolia straw market tote makes a great sustainable gift with its classic basket bag shape and sustainable design.

Magnolia Straw Market Tote | $49

When I first got my hands on samples of the Cardiff storage baskets, I was so impressed with the craftsmanship, quality, and detail that went into them. The basket’s design is thoughtfully made with two layers of woven palm leaves, so it’s sturdy enough to be one of our more versatile options. To complete your gift, you could add a blanket for the largest basket size, or nice wooden cooking spoons to display in the kitchen for the smaller size. 

Store blankets, produce, florals, and more in the sustainably made Cardiff storage basket.



Cardiff Storage Basket | $67-$79

Hopefully these ideas give you some inspiration and allow you to check one more thing off your list. If you have more questions about product sizing, shipping, or just need a few more ideas for sustainable presents, feel free to send us a message on social media @Leah_California or on our Contact Us page, we’d be happy to assist you from there!

’Tis the season - 


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  • Great blog post!!
    Truly inspired by your post to shop local and do my best to be more thoughtful in my gift giving.

    Karen DeFilippo

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